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Colour Corrections

* Two stage Rupes machine polishing from £550
* Three stage Rupes machine polishing from £700
Finishing with wax or ceramic on top of price.
Our Colour Correction and Paintwork Correction packages offer our clients the ultimate in paintwork appearance. We will machine polish the paint to a standard far above a showroom finish. This will rid the paintwork of any swirl marks and imperfections that are caused by poor wash techniques and the use of automatic car washes.
We often carry this procedure out on New Cars too. Many new cars will have marring and swirl marks direct from the manufacturer. Usually a PDI (pre-delivery inspection) by the supplying dealer will prepare the car with glaze wax. This is a filler heavy top coat that looks great in a showroom, only to fade away after a few washes and the UK road grime attacking it. Once this has gone you will notice your new car now looks a bit dull and not so new anymore.
CeramicDetail will restore the paintwork to a factory finish and then protect it with a high quality wax or even a lifetime ceramic coating. These will outlast and outshine all the dealership PDI glazes, they will protect the paint from the harsh UK roads and give you a long lasting and deep shine.
For more info on our Ceramic Coating please visit the Ceramic Coatings Page